Monday, October 31, 2011

TEMPA 060DIGI - Hunted - SP MC & LX ONE

Our pick for today's new releases is a fresh single from SP:MC and LX One entitled "Hunted". The Drum & Bass influence comes through quite nicely on each of these dark bouncing cuts, aligning perfectly with the cool-and-deadly composure for which Tempa is so well loved. "Hunted" is a direct progression from an earlier collaboration on Tempa which featured much of the same sub-pressure esthetics. The loping acoustic drum work and dubbed-out atmospherics are still present but this most recent effort has a distinct edgy tonality and chilling samples to boot. Overall, a very nostalgic sound and much needed break from the usual tear-out fare.

SP:MC & LX ONE - Hunted (Forthcoming Tempa) by LX ONE
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