Monday, November 21, 2011

GH001 - Rusty Bell EP - Spooky

East London producer/DJ Spooky of Slew Dem crew and "Spartan" fame marks the first release for his Ghost House label with yet another round of heavyweight tracks full of unexpected twists and raw energy. Rusty Bell EP kicks it off with Spooky's trademark flair, smashing synth stabs into clanging snares and leaving plenty of room around the sub bass. The overall effect is something like a bashment riddim retooled with grimey synths and forced into an 8-bar format. J-Sweet is an excellent match on the remix of "Rusty Bell", where he effectively doubles the kicks and claps and launches the bubbling bass into 8th-note orbit. Switching up the pace a bit, Mosca offers perhaps one of the best and least expected remixes of the massively popular Spartan track. Though it's a good jump from any of his house/funky work as well as the previous two tracks, it still clocks in at standard Grime tempos and does what no other remix of the original track has done to reconnect the vanguard of instrumental Grime with dub-pressure roots. A personal favorite to be sure. Last but not least, "Snake Charmer" leaves off with deceptively simple, staggered, half-time rhythm and derives most of its punch from the wonderful bass arpeggio. All in all, a very promising development from "Bag of Myths" and for the future of Ghost House label. Buy it here!

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