Tuesday, November 22, 2011


While we haven't really covered the now ancient history of Kartel's split with Bounty Killer's Alliance label on this blog, and there are far better comments rating the talent and fate of the Empire Productions leader, we have undoubtedly shared our appreciation of many a Gaza/Kartel chune. More than social commentary, we really prefer to use this blog as a site to help promote artists and music that we feel everyone should know about. Looking for something to add to this week's bashment segment I stumbled on Navino who, under the tutelage of the former GAZA general Aidona, has been putting out a long list of releases throughout the previous month. We could take the space here to offer our own interpretation of Aidonia's split from Gaza to form his own production camp but this video will probably give you a better explanation. Finally, what inspired me to add this to the blog is Navino's "Brave" over the Rifle Behavior Riddim on Black Spyda. Some may also be happy to note that the riddim rides at 130 bpm and so should play well some of the "bashier" sounding UKG/Funky tracks we've written about here.

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