Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stinkahbell on GetDarker

the last month or two you've seen us biggin up the Stinkahbell Crew... their huge "Something In Your Eyes" release, as well as their "Dont Tell Mum About Ibiza" collab with Psy:am, proves just how much ammo they have in stock... if I'm not mistaken this is their debut set on GetdarkerTV... which as pointed out in the set has been long overdue...

this live mix is definitely full of high octane beats... there's some serious dubplate business flowin through the set... they drop a few notable classics which is nice to see. sometimes people just drop whats currently hot or new, but that doesn't necessarily make it good...

a track worth biggin up from the set, which I didn't realize had been released, is a track entitled "Grimey"... which features MC Supreme w/ Stinkahbell on the buttons... wicked tune..!!! you can cop here

this live set also includes big sets from Beezy (Hench crew) & the incredible Joe Nice...- reppin for the US.. Big...
[the Stinkahbell set starts 8 min in... ]

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