Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Tuesday Bashment Report... G.B.E.P. 3 NEWS!

Ok, so a bit of a selfish promotional report this week! I'm pleased to announce that the last part of my "Grimey Bashment" instrumental EP trilogy will be released early in the new year. For those of you that may be new to my EPs. The massive original 8 track Grimey Bashment EP (GBEP) came out in 2010 and did well in the online charts as well as received a ton of critical acclaim. Then in early 2010, GBEP 2 dropped, accompanied by the free release of Dont Sleep's Insomnia Mixtape, which contained many vocal versions of GBEP 2's riddims. In fact, one particular riddim (Cobra Riddim - MC Zulu/No lies RMX) even helped me win a prize! BRAP!!!

2012 will be the trilogy's third and final year and I aim to end it with a big KA-BOOOM. So what does "Grimey Bashment" really mean for any newcomers to my music? Well, GBEP 3 will be another massive 8 track instrumental compilation of my trademark mash up of styles... Dancehall, Grime, and hard Rap riddims, hence the title! And just like the previous chapters, don't expect just one tempo or one genre. I have always been a big believer in not sticking to one tempo, unlike alot of producers out there. I work on strickly vibes, and despite this being not so great for the weaker DJs, it always pays off when artists are shopping for beats as I've always got sutin they want!

As for the precise due date, I'm not 100% sure but I will keep you non-sleepaz posted. In the meantime, here is a lil taste of what you can expect on GBEP...I just uploaded this so check it...BLE$$!
Big Boss Riddim (Instrumental) by Mad Scientist by madscientistnyc
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