Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here's a couple of tracks I've cooked up in the past couple of days and I thought I would share them as a way of showing you the directions my production is going. You'll notice I've moved from slower House tempos back to Grime/Dubstep 140bpm. I've also tried to balance a good variety of synth sounds and sfx without letting the track get too cluttered as a way of training myself towards a less-is-more ideal. They're not professionally mastered but loud enough to throw into a mix. Also, don't watch the transcoded soundcloud playback quality (these are 320kbps and the downloaded file does not have any artifacts) If you play these at a show or on radio let us know how they go off and if you put any in a recorded mix drop us a link. My way of saying thank you for all your support as readers/listeners, Merry Flexmas and a Grimey new year. P£AC£

Dream Tigers by maxecho
Toaster Riddim by maxecho
Get Dark by maxecho
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