Monday, December 5, 2011

Gangoon Dubz - Ewart Vol 1 E.P. Free Download


Massive shout to the Gangoon Dubz crew for hittin us off with the early drop on this.... Bolger is the newest member to join the Gangoon family.... and barely into the first track its easy to see why. His production style melds perfectly within the crews expansive sound... and just to get you up to speed for those who don't know, Gangoon Dubz is a Brighton based DJ/Producer collective which consists of Hizzleguy, Dismantle, Zaius, Rudi Redz, Hanz1, 184, Hurley... and now adding Bolger to this powerhouse lineup. The Dubz crew has been on a serious grind this year, and don't seem to be letting up.... I highly recommend checkin the Gangoonz takeover on GetdarkerTV to get you up to date, with back 2 back mixing from Hizzle Guy, Hurley and Bolger... what a way to get introduced...

thing I really like about the Goonz crew is that they'll hit off their fans with a free ep from time to time... -to be honest I'm still playin beats from one of their previous releases...- the Ewart EP will be no different. Tracks off the E.P. that I've listened to multiple times so far are... "Bloopers", "Jumanji", and "X-Pac"... (most of these tracks are featured in the Getdarker live set as well...)

Definitely a solid release to whet your appetite... you can't go wrong either way...

To download tracks off the Ewart EP you can click on the link here or click on the pic above...

Bolger & Pee Eff - Bloopers (Ewart Vol1) by GangoonDubz
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