Monday, December 5, 2011

MR020 - Rainforest EP - DJ Champion

London's DJ Champion smashes it again on Roska's RKS label with the long awaited Rainforest EP. One of the most consistently rated producers in the so-called UK Funky scene, Champion once again brings together a formidable formula of octave-jumping, bone-rattling sub-bass, interspersed with his signature sound effects and percussive elements. As with much his earlier repertoire, the tracks assembled here are built around subtle breaks in the song's patterns that derive most of their impact from the use of silence/pause rather than mid-range wallop. It isn't really worth comparing UK Funky with 90's Jungle, but the EP's equatorial theme and classic bass sound make it quite hard not to do so. Can we think of these bubbling dubs as descended from the frenetic pulse of hardcore? It's quite a stretch but the cool and deadly attitude is there all the same. "Selecta" is a personal favorite but you'll want all three to keep things toasty for the rest of the winter months.

MR020 - Champion - Rainforest EP - OUT NOW by RKSLTD
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