Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rebirth E.P. on Cotti's Bassface Records


what a weekend that just passed!!! I had a ball... If you were in the city, there were quite a few parties happening. We had Cotti from the Sumting New crew at Public Assembly on Friday, and Saturday it was Lost from Jakes (H.E.N.C.H.) crew, along with DJG, Commodo, and Joe Nice... Both were wicked parties and the energy was insane... and it reminded me of why I'm involved and drawn to music in the first place... you need that from time to time.....At Friday's show we had the fortunate opportunity to interview Cotti at length, and have exclusive video footage which we'll be posting here shortly... meeting Cotti was very inspiring, and his perspective on the scene and where its going was insightful...

Cotti's US tour comes on the heels of his label's latest release... the Rebirth E.P. which includes tracks by Cotti himself, DJ Enme, Crazy D, and Euby....I'm definitely feelin this EP... and really like the direction of the release... I'd gladly drop anyone of these tracks in a mix, and they would rip... When I saw the tracklist for Rebirth I was hyped cause I've been waiting for Enme's "Terminator" track to drop for some time.... been reppin it for's a wicked beat. it's hard for me to pick a fav on this release... I can't wait to drop Cotti's "Long Time Coming"... Crazy D is probably more known for his skills behind the mic, but he's got some serious skills behind the boards as well... the intro to his "Can't Wait" track, has an almost Apache styled break... (for the breakdance heads)....

I highly recommend checkin this release... you can cop it at all your fine online stores... such as Boomkat, Itunes, Juno etc..... EZ - and big shouts to the Sumting New crew!!

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