Friday, January 6, 2012

Flashback Fridays - Con Funk Shun

yo... so I know I'm goin way... way... way back on this one, but for good reason... no matter the type of music I find myself listening to throughout my life I always have to come back to funk music... without funk music there definitely wouldn't have been any hip hop, which would have wiped out most genre's we know today... a general blanket statement I know.. but a very true one... I swear I hear funk in everything

for me... I f*ckn love the chord progressions and the basslines, ... this song by Con Funk Shun captures what I luv about funk music... imagine how much happier your day might be listenin to this before you go to work... and don't let the outfits put you off... that was probably some dope sh*t back in the day... an probably expensive!!!

everybody's dancing and having a good time... the way its supposed to be...
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