Sunday, January 15, 2012

New JME - "96 Fuckries" Boy Better Know


Big tune out today, released by Grime MC -n- supa Producer JME... courtesy of Boy Better Know Records...(feat. Deeco on productions). Lyrically JME goes in on this one, with lines like... "Grime I rep to the T... 140... I kept to the beat"... which he undoubtedly has. The Boy Better Know camp has held true to the sound and energy of Grime music, where many others have lost sight.

Other impressive lines I feel are worth mentioning... "thats why your not liked too much.. you been snortin' the white too much"... I'm sure you might have a few people of your own who might fall into that category lol!!... and the line that had me cracking up the most was "I had a doo-rag straight at birth... god sent me here to make shit worse"... lol u gotta love it..

your def gonna wanna cop this one. Available on Itunes.. BBK

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