Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gangoon Dubz - Tryna Test EP


Wow... this year is movin swiftly... almost too swift. Gotta stay on it tho cause you gotta keep it moving at the end of the day... since the beginning of this year there's been an onslaught of big releases, and one you definitely shouldn't miss is the Tryna Test EP from the Gangoon Dubz camp....this Crew is not new to the DontSleep blog... as we've repped them for a minute now... their high-energy tracks are something I always reach for when mixing...its something that people can immediately vibe to. definite dancefloor pleasers..

Tryna Test features multiple collaborations from within the Gangoon Dubz camp... the title track "Tryna Test" links producers Dismantle and Hizzle Guy with wonderous results... the vocal stabs combined with 808 bass hits and staccato - samplings, give a feel of an almost re-envisioned form of hip hop... I'd say this track definitely manages to straddle mulitple genres, while creating something new at the same time... Big tune. Following up next is "I Don't Care" which rides in with vocal treatment from Felix Joseph... with production detail falling between Gangoon producers, Hizzle Guy and Rudi Redz ... and I'm sure you know by now, I like Dubstep with vocals... and this a tough tune indeed. Wowi.. up next is a monster of a tune from Dismantle.. "Kill Dem Sub" - is a percusive number thats sure to put a smile on a soundbwoys face... pure rewind bizness. Closing out the EP is a sure fire banger produced by Hurley entitled..."Ending The Game" - a wicked close out to a dope EP...

If I'm not mistaken this is exclusive to Beatport... so thats where you need to head to cop it... And to all the U.S. heads, I believe Hizzle Guy will be coming to the states later in the year... so definitely look out for that!! Ez
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