Thursday, March 22, 2012

SECLUSD 019 - Kastle - I Know

For those who haven't noticed, Philly label Seclusiasis has been consistently shelling out pure-fire releases nearly every month since January. Of course the entire catalog stretches back way further - and we strongly suggest you peruse that *sht - but it's worth pointing back to the start of this year, which saw the release of garage legend Todd Edwards' remix of SF producer Kastle's "Time Traveler". The original "Time Traveler" is the title track of Kastle's much acclaimed breakout EP released in '11. As with the rest of the 6 track EP "Time Traveler" deftly combines grime elements, re-emerging garage house variants and Kastle's own unique west-coast lovestep vibe. Forward to 2012 and Kastle's rich work is still generating new content (while he is hard at work supporting 12th Planet on tour!) This time the track given a working over is "I Know", broken down to its constituent parts and offered up on Reverb Nation as part of a heated remix competition. The winning remix comes from Nebraskan producer Inflect and sticks with the rave side of the original track, tossing in classic grime bass notes with the housey chords and spastic vocal snippets. Runner's up Krueger, +Verb and Direct Feed bring out some of the softer elements of the original, whisking us away to bizarre universes a-twinkle with rolling hi-hats, funky snares and cascading, side-chained sawtooths(sawteeth?)The original track and acapella version are included as well for you to have your own go at reconfiguring the R&B flavers.

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