Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Temps For Mayor Part 1: House Prices

The folks over at Noisey have started a new series leading up to this year's London Mayoral election featuring none other than Grime artist Tempa T! Each vid seeks to point to another part of Temps' platform and speak generally to what should be on the next mayor's agenda. The first installment deals with housing prices, which I'm sure resonates with a lot of you here in New York. It's unclear if Tempa T is actually on the ballot for May, though for London's sake we sincerely hope so. Be sure to check out the next one on urban farming! hold tight jeckle and freckle lol ...

I've also culled a couple of other interesting links on the topics of urban planning and the urban livability:

- Mark Raymond talks about urban sprawl and equitable, sustainable design

- Most expensive cities in the world. These lists proliferate but here's one for
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