Monday, April 30, 2012

"Push Trigger" - prod. Mad Scientist ft. Newz and Mad Cobra

Brand new productions from Mad Scientist featuring lyrics from Newz and screwed vocals off of Mad Cobra's "Press Trigger". It's really a perfect combination and there could be no one better for the task of sewing up the UK-JA link than Mad Scientist. Newz riffs on Mad Cobra's short-fuse warning and expands it to encompass conspiracy theories and street empires. The grim subject matter is nicely matched by the bell-tolling melody which conjures images of slasher films and inclement weather. Really not much else to add here - It's a dope beat, well executed flow and a sign of good things to come. Speaking of which, keep your eyes out for a new EP of riddims from Mad Scientist due out on First City Records. Bigup!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teddy Music - "Hoods Up"


this is a hot track... something ny hip hop heads can get behind (or wherever you are)... even if Dubstep and / or Grime aint your thing... (personally I think it's probably cause you haven't heard the right sh*t in the right way.... that's just me...)

you have your choice of a variety of mc's on this release... from Ruff Sqwad, Ghetts etc.. on one version to... Lil Nasty, Double S, Lady Leshurr on the other... with the very talented Teddy Music on production duties... and with a killer instrumental version thrown in as well... I feel like this is a classic imho...

something about this reminds me of a Joe Budden track for some reason... not cause it actually sounds like one.. but just the vibe of it... like some sh*t hot 97 might play on a holiday weekend while your gettin dressed up to go out for the night...

and yeah don't wear your hoodie to the club tho cause you ain't getting in... - depending on where your going of course... (I stubbornly keep learning that the hard way)

all this being said... how can one not see in some ways (for "some" of the lyrics in the song) something like this possibly perpetuating a negative stereotype of youths (current climate the way it is)...

and for the record... I am absolutely not trying to be a judge or jury as to whether this is good or bad for society... I think this track is dope for many reasons... but something to think about is whether the image of what is pushed out there (visually or otherwise) is the same one that comes back to stereotype the youth... should it be considered strictly entertainment or a barometer on society or both... it's a fine line to walk...

and before you send me nasty emails know that I absolutely don't think anyone should be judged by skin color, clothing, gender or what have you... I have been judged myself... - daily

alright... enough chatter... more beats!!! just something to think about

as always... you can cop this track at all your local ; ) online stores such as Juno, Itunes UK-only :( someone fix this please

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Unsound Festival: Bass Mutations with Sepalcure + 2562 + Teeth + Distal + Nguzunguzu + Dave Q + Throwing Snow


This definitely looks big... if your in town, will be worth it...

"Each year the Unsound festival brings new, boundary-pushing music to New York, and this year’s lineup promises even more of the same. The Bass Mutations party presented by Percussion Lab & Dub War, happening April 21st in Brooklyn, boasts a jealousy-inciting lineup for anyone who’s unlucky enough to have to miss out. New York’s own Sepalcure will be playing a live A/V set, and both 2562 and Teeth will be making their live US debuts. Atlanta’s Distal, whose album is imminently dropping on Tectonic, will be DJing, as will UK-based Throwing Snow, and the talented en-vogue duo Nguzunguzu. Advance tickets are already available through Resident Advisor, and we suggest getting them very soon. Follow the jump for a full show poster and location details."

Saturday, April 21
10pm – 5am

Indie Screen
289 Kent Ave (corner S 2nd St)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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Monday, April 16, 2012



It's Monday..... and a Happy Monday Indeed... tough new Chestplate bizness droppin' today by the one they call Razor Rekta...

Recently signing to Distance's Chestplate imprint earlier this year, The Loko Motiv EP is Razor Rekta's first release on the influential label... and what a debut it is.
The seeming calmness of the intro on the title track "Loko-Motiv" is torn away by deep growling saws, layered over a lovely percussion filled break, which only pauses briefly before diving back in head first into the void. "Development" on the flip, is one of those deep dark tracks that grab you right away, like at the height of a set and the DJ takes it that one step further and you feel like you just might loose your sh*t... thats this track...

Yeah and Big Up to Joe Nice and all the great people at Reconstrvct who hosted Rekta in Brooklyn last month... those guys are doing big things - bringing proper talent to the city... Regardless of where you are make sure to check for Rekta when he comes to your town...

you can cop the Loko Motiv EP on vinyl as well as digital at all your fine online stores.. Surus, Redeye, Boomkat, Juno... etc

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Episode 19 - New Stylez - Max Echo and Bookz - First City Mob Podcast

Max Echo and Bookz Present Episode 19

First City Mob Podcast

With exclusives and new releases from:
Seclusiasis, Braindead Ent, Chestplate, Swindle, EL-B, Dismantle, Enme, Beneath, Spooky Bizzle Records, Requake, Kromestar, Footsie, Hurley, and Bladklaat... Also featuring new material from Mad Scientist forthcoming on his Grimey Bashment 3 release on First City Records... plus exclusive beats from both Max Echo and Bookz...

With this podcast we decided to do things a little differently opting to give our usual play by play as we go along, which we feel worked out quite well... we had a good time and hope you have a good time listening... Make sure you tune in for next months issue... EZ

Big shouts to Blast Radius for joining us in the studio... good vibes

As always, be sure to subscribe to the podcast, which you can do HERE

Otherwise you can download directly from the soundcloud player below for a limited time

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mala, Silkie, Quest at Cielo for Deep Space April 9th


insane line-up tomorrow for Deep Space... looks like another night where I will not be getting any sleep... not to be missed...

MALA (Digital Mystikz/DMZ)
Silkie (UK- Deep Medi Muzik, Butterz)
QUEST (Deep Medi, Anti-Social)
and Fran├žois K.

and for all the Junglist... don't forget to hit up Konkrete Jungle at The Cove in BK
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

LADN - Renegade Dubstep Compilation


Happy Wednesday depending on where you are around the globe... just a quick one from me today... From time to time.. and this happens a lot.. I get fixated on a track. listening to it multiple times a day, until it seeps into my subconscious...
feels like one day I'm gonna wear out the rewind button on my ipod.

In this case its Enme's "Back Da F*ck Up", which features vocals from MC Flyte... currently out on the latest compilation from LA Dubstep Nostra. The "Renegade Dubstep" compilation showcases tracks from a wide range of producers including... Itchy Robot, DJ Enme, 6BLOCC, Zaku Chan and others.

On "Back Da F*ck Up" MC Flyte's vocals add a nice touch to Enme's already scorcher of a track. "I'm B.I.G. on tha riddim... I'm vocally buff.. made up of all the right stuff"... lyrics come swift and precise, and with a sense of urgency...

Ironically, 2 days ago I heard some sugar-pop Dubstep with a couple of MC's at an AMF Bowling Alley... no less. it felt like quite an interesting turn of events. I'm all for this genre reaching new heights and audiences... but not at the expense of its soul... its my aim to rep what I feel is the real deal, and this track holds true to that....

You can cop this compilation on Beatport and other fine digital outlets.. shouts to LA Dubstep Nostra

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Before Making Records ...

That's right it's Monday... Konkrete Junglist

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