Monday, April 30, 2012

"Push Trigger" - prod. Mad Scientist ft. Newz and Mad Cobra

Brand new productions from Mad Scientist featuring lyrics from Newz and screwed vocals off of Mad Cobra's "Press Trigger". It's really a perfect combination and there could be no one better for the task of sewing up the UK-JA link than Mad Scientist. Newz riffs on Mad Cobra's short-fuse warning and expands it to encompass conspiracy theories and street empires. The grim subject matter is nicely matched by the bell-tolling melody which conjures images of slasher films and inclement weather. Really not much else to add here - It's a dope beat, well executed flow and a sign of good things to come. Speaking of which, keep your eyes out for a new EP of riddims from Mad Scientist due out on First City Records. Bigup!

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