Monday, July 23, 2012

CHST020 - A Result of Sound/Deserted - Distance

Moody beats from Chestplate label-boss Distance celebrating his label's 20th release. Over the past five years the label has become synonymous with a brand of dark, deep, chest-rattling dubstep. Distance has been a constant presence on the label diligently honing his sound along with such well known names as Cyrus, Tunnidge, Skream and Benga and more recently the likes of Sleeper and Razor Rekta. It's to his credit that the label has remained as consistent in the quality and progression of its sound. At four releases over five years we are definitely looking at a goal which emphasizes quality over quantity. And right it should! You only have to listen to the results.

On this latest pair of melancholy bangers, you will hear a kind of culmination past experience and past efforts pulling together a deep rooted jungle influence and a love for creeping distorted mid-range more reminiscent of rock guitar than dub. "Result of Sound" brings to mind 80's flavors with it's Juno-like lead but quickly descends into a cavernous beat periodically interrupted with an oddly familiar sample from Peter Guy Manners exalting the mysterious potential of sound as a generative force in the universe. Distance continues this kind of psychedelic moodiness on the B-side with "Deserted". A wavering vocal-like synth takes the lead on this track creating an uneasy feeling reinforced by the rolling saws and skittering dry percussion. Both of these cuts show how far the sound has progressed toward a particular combination of sonic elements - a combination that would feel slightly more formulaic if it didn't also include an incredible amount of space for variation and growth. As always, Chestplate sets its own trend and shows an evolution within the genre that is deeply organic and uniquely perched atop traditions of Dub and Drum & Bass. A must have for lovers of devastating darkness!

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