Thursday, July 26, 2012

MEDI059 - Afraid of Me - Jack Sparrow

Out this week on Deep Medi, the new single from Jack Sparrow boils Dubstep back down to its basics. "Afraid of Me" retains many of the techno-tinged traits found on his earlier Tectonic releases but with a healthy dose of lasers, the end result of which sounds a bit like Kromestar turned inside out. The galloping percussion of "Terminal" and "Chase" are here swallowed up in the bowels of the bass, producing a visceral undulating sound. The paranoid rush of the A-side turns bittersweet on "Good Old Days" where a different kind of nostalgia takes hold. Sounding very much like early DJ Shadow, Jack Sparrow lays out a rainy neon city-scape with rippling vibes, jazzy trumpet and flute rolling over the restrained bass stabs and swells. Both are beautiful tracks, showing the Leeds producer's strengths as he tackles different sides of the urban mind.

Image: Bill Sosin
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