Friday, August 31, 2012

Mastermindz Of Dubstep EP Vol 1 - MDR001


yes yes... jumping in early on this one...

Masterdub Recordings is a new imprint on the scene that has set it's sights on releasing only top-notch Dubstep riddims... the type of riddims that we at Dontsleep wish there were more of. it can be a bit disconcerting wading through the massive amounts of Dubstep releases only to come to the realization that a large majority of  them are missing their most crucial element.... their soul. on the one hand lfo gymnastics can be very impressive, but at the end of the day... it's more about the mood that is evoked than anything else.... 

Mastermindz of Dubstep Vol 1 features a diverse selection of beats from some of the most well respected producers in the game. An instant classic... "Bad Mind" by none other than Kromestar, kicks things off featuring MC Crazy D on the hook..."snake in the grass my enemies will crawl"... before crescendoing into an undeniable banger. Chef and Blusey's "Children of the Night" is a sub intensive number whose growling bass rears it's head between haunting landscapes and faint screams. "Roaring Lion" produced by EL-B, who is no-doubt one of the earliest innovators of the genre, switches things up with a lovely reggae influenced vocal number, all while giving a nod to the classic sounds of early Dubstep. Itchy Robot's "Straight Up Gangstar"  represents a more lead-synth driven type of Dubstep track, which leans more towards the style of a Hench or Gangoon Dubz crew sound. Closing things out, is Dj Enme's, "The Way It Is In London" featuring Nadia S. on vocals... a track thats been doing the rounds, and been receiving a lot of praise for some time now... yeah big up!!..

Mastermindz of Dubstep definitely gets a strong endorsement... it's a well-crafted release that touches on the different styles of an ever-growing genre... a genre that I hope continues to broaden it's scope, where different styles can all coexist together...  

You can cop this on vinyl and digital at any number of online stores on September 9th!!

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