Thursday, August 23, 2012

SINE002: Subverse - Kanvas

Back in June we reviewed the premier digital release on the UK label Vital Sines from Kanvas. It's always exciting to see new labels sprouting up and to watch them progress. Ideally each new release raises the bar on the last or at the very least maintains a continuity of sonic pressure. In this follow up single to June's Blueprint EP, Kanvas has managed a little bit of both. The 'format' of these tracks remains largely the same: an intensely pleasurable combination of bouncing beats and mellifluous atmospherics that neatly steps around the well-worn patterns of UK Garage, inserting elements of Dubstep and Jungle to generate something at once nostalgic and forward-leaning. "Subverse" builds on this previous example by taking the sound into a somewhat darker, hard-hitting vein. Although there is no breakbeat to speak of, some of the Jungle influence in this track is present in the relentless swelling bass line, short-echo snare frills and signature vocal sample. "Bosco Verticale" on the other hand leans more towards Techno and balances out the rougher strains of "Subverse" with a twinkling spaciousness. The name for this track appears to be taken from a "green" architecture project of Milan, Italy, which promises tree-sized balcony planters on each of the towers' 27 floors. Check for this release in digital shops tomorrow and keep stacking that "bosco verticale".

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