Saturday, September 29, 2012

INNA014: Mataglap EP - Chistopher Yikes

Inna Riddim cropped up on my radar back in May of this year with the release of After Dark's None of Them single. These cool and deadly dancefloor crushers fight for space at the borders of Bashment and Funky while sounding nothing like either. The destabilization of genre-specific music appears to be at the core of Inna Riddim's mission as a digital publisher. Reaching back to early 2011, the Sydney based label appears to have emerged out of Reggae and Grime influenced tracks as well as deeper strains of Dubstep. More recent releases have seen them reaching into Drum & Bass and 130bpm territory from the likes of Cato, Hypercolor and Ritual just to name a few.

Rotterdam's Christopher Yikes makes an excellent contribution to this catalog with his Mataglap EP. The title track is some of the oddest half-step house you've likely ever heard, though its use of echo and sparse construction places might place it closer to a new-school Dub continuum. Abandoned picks up the pace and delivers a spine chilling bit of Funky cobalt. Knockout goes in grimier but still very much lurking in the shadows with a bubbling mid-range synth running throughout. Hurt has the feeling of a post-rave comedown with a muted selection of drum sounds immersed in high pressure sub-bass and tooth grinding bristle. Altogether, Mataglap EP is reminiscent of Inna Riddim's Panoramic EP compilation and provides an nice selection of different styles to move your bass bins. Keep an eye out for this come October 12th ... highly recommended!

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