Saturday, September 15, 2012

SINE003 - Let Me See/Island - Balofo

It should be clear to anyone checking this blog in the past few months that Brighton label Vital Sines is in a very strong way at the moment. Hitting a strict monthly schedule with one deeply original cut after another, it's hard not to appreciate the planning and effort that have gone into constructing this emerging project. July and August came out of the gate running with fresh Garage flavors from label head Kanvas. Later this month, Vital Sines expands its roster with a neat single from Balofo - Brixton local and one half of tumblr/collective CPanel. Both tracks take a very different approach to the 130 beats-per-minute Garage/House middle-ground, dancing around some of the more predictable formulas and tossing together Detroit techno, progressive synths and dancehall vocals. The end result certainly bears some common influences with the likes of Pasteman, Jay Weed, Night Slugs and other border-blurring underground experimenters. That said, these two tracks shouldn't be taken for cloning - the sounds are smashed together in wholly original ways that leave plenty of room to the imagination. Vital Sines keeps them guessing!

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