Saturday, September 15, 2012

WRZ005: Foundation EP - Subreachers

Out earlier this month on the fledgling Warriorz label, The Foundation EP the latest turbid revelation from Belgium's Subreachers. As the name suggests, the four track EP is something of a throw-back stylistically. As the label describes, the sounds populating their catalog all bear a "respect for the basic elements of the genre." in one way or another. In the case of Matthias Hoogewijs' latest brew, this idea emerges in the form of loping drum-patterns, breezy chords, high-voltage drones and aquatic sub-pressure. Samples from revered musical minds also grace the too strongest selections, Foundation and Developer.

While the Foundation EP falls a bit far from the swing and bass-work of what many would consider to be at the roots of Dubstep, it does reference some other electronic foundations that have been important to the genre's migrating boundaries and broad appeal. The high-hats, for example, have a digital-steppers feel that leans towards rhythm patterns of both Dub and Drum and Bass. The influence of the later is also at play in the industrial clamor and twinkling spaces of the EP's atmospheric elements. These features fit in perfectly with Subreachers' previous releases, which can be found on labels such as Compound One and Red Shift One to name a few.

Altogether, a strong release for Warriorz label that will appeal to fans of Dubstep's darker and more ambient strains.
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