Thursday, October 18, 2012

SJD023: The Mind Machine EP - Mr. Mitch

You should know by now - Slit Jockey is no stranger to Grime. Last month's amazing "Contrast EP", which injected a full dose of MIK's knife-sharp lyrics over production from Dev79, BD1982, Starkey and J-Sweet, set a milestone for the label in its quest to contribute to the changing shape of Grime on an international scale. What better way to keep the momentum going on this long term project than to return to the laboratory with another of London's instrumental innovators.

Mr. Mitch, who has appeared previously through remix duties on J-Sweet's "Can't Stop My Grime" release, gets an opportunity to drop range of heavy tracks showing off his various influences all integrated with signature ghost-house flare. The Gobstopper Records boss and Beatfighter entrepreneur sets out with a good bit of trap-ready madness in the form of  "Bethlem Royal" - namesake of a psychiatric facility half-way between Croydon and Bromley in the South London burbs. With that info in mind - which other asylum do you know that was founded in 1247 AD?! - the entire EP takes on a much stranger tone. On "Shit & Sugar" for example, the phasing square-sync lurches into a weird set of climbing major chords only to drop you back into the stomping muck of the track's 8-bar pattern. This plays out again on "Bills", where a bridge-interlude cuts off the heady slew of racing hi-hats and vocal chants with a downward spiral of melancholy arpeggios. The ghostly vibes pour out full bore on the bedlam raising "Dance Tonight", while "Qbert 2" resurrects the vintage video game escarpment with growling high-voltage bass and brick-jumping mid-range stabs.

This dark and twisted echo from the mind of the machine comes out early November. Until then you can watch this brilliant mash-up and ponder the British obsession with masks and mass hysteria!

Mr. Mitch - Qbert 2 -

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