Monday, October 22, 2012

Sum Ting New Hip Hop Instrumentals I: Bangers No Mash

A lot of talk has been made at different times of cross-overs between UK Grime, Dubstep and American Hip-Hop. A&R wizardry and mash-ups aside, Hip-Hop and club, bass music etc. have been taking to each other for a long time through the bottle neck of Pop. How Pop music interacts with so-called underground music is another unfinished story, but unless our ears deceive us the time has never been better for this kind of blurring of lines take form in a less defined sort of way. Case in point is Jakes and Chefal's Get Darker @ Cable Mix, which has several Hip-Hop tracks rub shoulders with dark wobble bass-weight. We've written about Blade Brown here as well just to raise some awareness on how trap music goes down on the London side. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you a top-notch instrumental mixtape from Sum Ting New label boss Cotti. There's a lot going on in here but the tracks fuse Hip-hop with the UK sound so deftly that it comes off as something wholly original. We were stunned when hearing some of these tracks drop at Cotti's last show in New York and it's great hear them packaged into one massive selection of bangers. Now for the vocal to drop on US radio ... all in due time. Big!

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